Area Rugs

After a year and half in our house, we are getting new flooring! Granted I “sold” my hubby on the idea of this outdated house on the promise of “imagine it with new floors” in order to look past the very 1980s pink, floral, and orangey-beige carpets.

Many hours were spent daydreaming and researching what the new floors should be. I was dead set on wood/wood-look in our main living areas and bedroom. We discovered that he did not like materials that had the wood-look that weren’t wood. So all tile, vinyl and laminates were off the table. The engineered woods have many benefits, but something about the splice of layers and how thin the actual wood layer was didn’t give me much hope that they could ever be refinished after our zoofull of pets had their way with them.

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DIY Halloween Decor

Halloween is the quintessential time of year to break out those DIY skills and get creative. As a child, my mom always helped us create our costumes from scratch. It was partially due to the fact that we had no money and lived an hour away from a shopping center that sold costumes, but also partly because it brought her great joy. I remember her and our neighbor, with their big 80’s perms, smoking cigarettes and drinking diet coke in our kitchen, while they strategized costumes for us kids. Needless to say, those where the glory days of Halloween in our household – both my brother and I, and the neighbor kids won “best costume” awards year after year.

For one childhood birthday, I decided that instead of doing the traditional slumber party, I wanted to have a Halloween party. My mom and I spent hours brainstorming, creating and shopping for decor to transform our garage into a spooky pre-tween birthday party. Mind you, this was before Pinterest (and even the internet) so we really had to dig deep for ideas and brainstorm with other people.

So in the spirit of the technology age, and in appreciation of the plethora of inspiration the internet has to offer, here’s a roundup of Halloween DIY ideas that you can make on the cheap and with little time!

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Rich Multicolored Palette – Blue/Teals and Red/Orange

graphic of pictures with color palette
Lively blue, teal, red, orange color palette inspiration. Image Source: The Happy Heathen

The vibrant palette of teal/blue and red/orange multicolored palette with hints of lime and the palest blue speaks to a soothing yet lively sensibility.

When I stumbled upon this post by The Happy Heathen, the richness and vibrancy of the colors stood out to me. Then to see it was called “Delve into 2012” I started to question my sense of style. However, based on the popularity of this graphic on Pinterest, it seems that this colored palette is more enduring and just as interesting as time goes by. I’ll explore a few ways to bring this into your decor. If you’re ready for the big plunge and looking to paint your room, an accent wall or cabinets one of these rich blue/teal colors, you’re in luck –  I’ll share a few recommendations.

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Inspiration from a Refabbed Aqua Distressed Dresser

aqua distressed dresser with glass lamps and cat bookends
Aqua Distressed Dresser Image Credit Restoration Redoux

This refabbed aqua distressed dresser from Restoration Redoux is quite a beauty.

As an appreciator of vintage and used home items, I love seeing how others creatively transform pieces. Breathing new life to these pieces gives a new lease on life to something that may otherwise be tossed aside.

I find myself liking this piece, but having the time to take on furniture project due to pressing home improvement projects we have going.

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10 Velvet DIY Projects for the Plush at Heart

10 Velvet DIY CraftsThese 10 velvet DIY projects will make your heart plush. (Now that was cheesy, but something about velvet makes wonky puns ok.)

My love of velvet is well-documented, read another post about that here. The lushness, the rich colors, the variety of textures – there’s so much to love about velvet. Have you become smitten with an appreciation for all things velvet?

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From Brass to Fab: Our $5 Chandelier Update

Before and after photo of our chandelier.
Before and after. Graphic Credit: Nanu Home

We took our chandelier from the 1980s to modern for only $5! The dining room chandelier in our ranch house, while likely not original, was a white ceramic and brass piece from the 1980s. It badly needed an update.

But after some searching online, I became inspired by people who had re-purposed or re-luxuriated their existing chandeliers in creative ways. We decided to DIY an update instead of doing a full replacement. Continue reading “From Brass to Fab: Our $5 Chandelier Update”

Living on the Edge

live edge wood collage
Living on the Edge – Inspiration.

Furniture and decor with a raw or live wood edge have a beautiful handmade feel. The organic shape adds interest to any room. It effortlessly showcases craftsmanship.

When the wood has been smoothed and cut on some surfaces but left au natural, possibly with the bark intact, it creates a lovely form. These pieces fit well not only in a rustic log cabin, but in a polished modern room.

There’s something about live edge wood that offers this natural beauty makes a stunning presence in a room. And raw edge pieces not only exist beautifully, they proclaim, “I’m here!”

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How We Transformed Our Bathroom for Under $50

Photo of bathroom before and after update
Photo: Nanu Home

We moved into our 1970s ranch three months ago. It was clear, as our home inspector described, that it had some “deferred maintenance.” Our master bathroom, while tiny, had many maintenance issues. We still cannot use the shower in this room, that’ll be a story for a future post.

Addressing these projects have given me a lot of content for future posts about affordable updates that have a big impact.

For only $50, we dramatically transformed our bathroom – my proudest DIY project so far!

After living with a dingy master bathroom floor, we were able to dramatically transform the room on the cheap!

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Mid Century Modern – Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

Photo of nightstand with words "mid century modern find"
Photo and graphic: Nanu

After a wonderful weekend visiting dear friends in the Twin Cities, when it comes to Mid Century Modern, it became clear that there are levels of incorporating it into home decor.

When it comes to mid century modern, I find myself squarely in the champagne tastes on a beer budget end of the spectrum.  There were so many beautiful, completely refinished  pieces to be had across Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Continue reading “Mid Century Modern – Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget”