How We Transformed Our Bathroom for Under $50

Photo of bathroom before and after update
Photo: Nanu Home

We moved into our 1970s ranch three months ago. It was clear, as our home inspector described, that it had some “deferred maintenance.” Our master bathroom, while tiny, had many maintenance issues. We still cannot use the shower in this room, that’ll be a story for a future post.

Addressing these projects have given me a lot of content for future posts about affordable updates that have a big impact.

For only $50, we dramatically transformed our bathroom – my proudest DIY project so far!

After living with a dingy master bathroom floor, we were able to dramatically transform the room on the cheap!

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Mid Century Modern – Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

Photo of nightstand with words "mid century modern find"
Photo and graphic: Nanu

After a wonderful weekend visiting dear friends in the Twin Cities, when it comes to Mid Century Modern, it became clear that there are levels of incorporating it into home decor.

When it comes to mid century modern, I find myself squarely in the champagne tastes on a beer budget end of the spectrum.  There were so many beautiful, completely refinished  pieces to be had across Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Continue reading “Mid Century Modern – Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget”

Getting this Blog off the Ground: Steps One through TBD

Nanu Home Decor and DIY Blog
Artwork and photography: Nanu

So many things to learn when getting a new blog off the ground. So many tools to evaluate. After weeks (months? years?) of Google research, listening to podcasts and reading other blogs, it was time for me to suit up my big girl pants and get my hands dirty.

Here’s the “determined to get stuff done on day 1” to-do list, warts and all. I’m sharing some minor hiccups with the hope that others may benefit from my experience if they get the courage to jump head first into blogging. Continue reading “Getting this Blog off the Ground: Steps One through TBD”