Simple Entry Way

Entry way with round mirror, bench, baskets and coat rack
Simple entry way. Image Credit: Almost Perfect

There is an appeal to a simply decorated entry way. One that favors a few well crafted decor items, offers a bench for convenience, a rack for belongings, and a mirror to check yourself over in case you have wind blown hair.

This entry way from Almost Perfect strikes a lovely balance of beauty and comfort. I’ve done a round up of similar items you can purchase to create your own simple entry way oasis.

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Bold Black and White Tablecloths

Black and white themed outdoor dining setup
Outdoor dining inspiration. Image Source: Vogue Mexico

After falling madly in love with this outdoor dining decor featured in Vogue Mexico, I set out to find similar bold black and white tablecloths. It was a bit elusive.

By getting creative, you can find more options out there. Therefore, I am including several tapestries that could double as tablecloths – a girl’s got to think outside the box sometimes!

Also, if you’re looking for graphic pillow options to go along with these patterned tablecloths, I did a separate post with bold pillow ideas.

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Snuggle Up with these Bold Pillows

Snuggle up with these bold pillows!

I recently stumbled across a collage of “boho style” items and was instantly smitten with the variety of boldly patterned pillows.

If it were up to me, my furniture and bed would be a layered in so many pillows that it would look like an elaborate textile version of a tiered wedding cake.

Throw pillows are the easiest way to change the style of a neutrally colored couch, loveseat or chair. Plus, you can buy several for a stacked up vibe without breaking the bank. For some snugly pillow inspiration, keep reading.

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Rich Multicolored Palette – Blue/Teals and Red/Orange

graphic of pictures with color palette
Lively blue, teal, red, orange color palette inspiration. Image Source: The Happy Heathen

The vibrant palette of teal/blue and red/orange multicolored palette with hints of lime and the palest blue speaks to a soothing yet lively sensibility.

When I stumbled upon this post by The Happy Heathen, the richness and vibrancy of the colors stood out to me. Then to see it was called “Delve into 2012” I started to question my sense of style. However, based on the popularity of this graphic on Pinterest, it seems that this colored palette is more enduring and just as interesting as time goes by. I’ll explore a few ways to bring this into your decor. If you’re ready for the big plunge and looking to paint your room, an accent wall or cabinets one of these rich blue/teal colors, you’re in luck –  I’ll share a few recommendations.

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Sage Green Inspiration

sage green inspiration board all items described belowSage green is showing up everywhere – from wall paints, to kitchen cabinets to a variety of home goods. While the color can get a little too earthy for my liking, the varieties available are getting into the livelier and brighter tones.

This color is a great neutral because you can pull through a pop that contrasts or complements, from red and maroon to white and navy blue. Whatever your tastes may be, it’s easy to see why some have called sage green the color of 2017. Keep reading for the sources of these fantastic sage green inspirational items.

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Amazing Master Bedroom – Get the Look for Less

bedroom Get the look
Get look of this bedroom inspired by AVE Styles.

When I saw this amazing master bedroom posted by AVE Styles, I was blown away. The teal color, that rattan headboard. Everything about this bedroom is amazing! (The original post by  AVE Styles shares links to all the items, including the paint color!)

Because I’m always on the hunt for a bargain, this is my first post where I try to find less expensive alternatives to the original items.

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Inspiration from a Refabbed Aqua Distressed Dresser

aqua distressed dresser with glass lamps and cat bookends
Aqua Distressed Dresser Image Credit Restoration Redoux

This refabbed aqua distressed dresser from Restoration Redoux is quite a beauty.

As an appreciator of vintage and used home items, I love seeing how others creatively transform pieces. Breathing new life to these pieces gives a new lease on life to something that may otherwise be tossed aside.

I find myself liking this piece, but having the time to take on furniture project due to pressing home improvement projects we have going.

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Living on the Edge

live edge wood collage
Living on the Edge – Inspiration.

Furniture and decor with a raw or live wood edge have a beautiful handmade feel. The organic shape adds interest to any room. It effortlessly showcases craftsmanship.

When the wood has been smoothed and cut on some surfaces but left au natural, possibly with the bark intact, it creates a lovely form. These pieces fit well not only in a rustic log cabin, but in a polished modern room.

There’s something about live edge wood that offers this natural beauty makes a stunning presence in a room. And raw edge pieces not only exist beautifully, they proclaim, “I’m here!”

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Velvet Crush

collage of photos in postThere’s nothing quite like rubbing your hands across the surface of velvet. The interesting richness makes any surface even more crush-worthy. (Now that was cheesy!)

Our new house has a living room and a family room (the rumpus room!). This second entertaining space was a “must have” on our home buying list. Now we have one and have been slowly finding pieces of furniture to fill it.

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