All about that Blog

Reasons Not to Blog

It’s so incredibly easy to be a consumer of online content. But to create your own content and put it out there for the world to see, find, hopefully enjoy and also possibly reject – the thought makes me feel sick to my stomach. While it’s easy to say “be brave” or “put yourself out there” – the fear is very real and instead of pushing me forward, can snarl me back into a quiet corner.

Blog Monster sketch
Quick sketch of what my fear about blogging looks like.

All that I can do to overcome the striking fear is to push forward, make it an awfully drawn cartoon creature and hope that in this ridiculous visualized state, I can fend off my fear of the “Blog Monster.” Continue reading “All about that Blog”

Getting this Blog off the Ground: Steps One through TBD

Nanu Home Decor and DIY Blog
Artwork and photography: Nanu

So many things to learn when getting a new blog off the ground. So many tools to evaluate. After weeks (months? years?) of Google research, listening to podcasts and reading other blogs, it was time for me to suit up my big girl pants and get my hands dirty.

Here’s the “determined to get stuff done on day 1” to-do list, warts and all. I’m sharing some minor hiccups with the hope that others may benefit from my experience if they get the courage to jump head first into blogging. Continue reading “Getting this Blog off the Ground: Steps One through TBD”